What are porcelain crowns?

When tooth decay or damage is more extensive, a dental crown may be suggested. A dental crown is a cap or cover that completely encases a damaged tooth up to the gumline. Dental crowns are especially useful for weak teeth or teeth that have very little original structure remaining. Dr. Monahan, our expert dentist, uses porcelain dental crowns in Burlington, North Carolina for a beautiful, strong aesthetic. Porcelain crowns bond to teeth and are show to be stronger than most other crown materials. We are also able to match the shade of porcelain perfectly to your natural smile. Our entire dental team is committed to helping you achieve a healthier, more pleasing smile.

How are porcelain crowns placed?

We strive to make each porcelain crown treatment as comfortable and painless as possible. After removing all tooth decay and damage, we will prepare the tooth to receive the dental crown. This may involve a light buffing and reshaping process to accommodate the size and shape of the crown. Each porcelain crown is custom made to fit your smile and bite. After Dr. Monahan ensures the crown fits properly and makes any needed adjustments, the porcelain crown will be cemented into place. If you would like to learn more about porcelain crowns, please contact our dental office today!