Dental emergencies might be unexpected, but they should never be neglected. Ignoring a dental emergency may raise the risk of lasting harm or necessitate costly procedures. To save your tooth or avoid other difficulties, the golden guideline is to see the dentist within 30 minutes or less. Emergency dentists are the people you need to help you out when dental emergencies happen. What makes an emergency Dentist in Burlington, NC, different from an ordinary dentist is that they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, whenever you have a dental emergency, you can just give them a call, and they will be there to help you.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that they can come to you immediately, but they will at least be able to give you some advice on what to do and how to handle the situation. They might even be able to refer you to a specialist who can help you more. The most important thing is that you don’t wait too long before seeking help.

Dental emergencies won’t go away on their own, and they might even worsen if you don’t do anything about them. So, if you think you have a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to call our Burlington dental office for an emergency dentist. Monahan Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is here to help you with any dental emergencies. Our dental professionals understand how important it is to get the treatment you need as soon as possible, which is why we offer convenient emergency dentist hours.

Types of Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies come in many forms, most of which can catch us off-guard. Therefore, it is essential to know how to deal with each type of dental emergency to prevent it from getting worse and preserve our oral health. At Monahan Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we are here to help you with all of your dental emergencies. So give us a call, and we will be happy to see you as soon as possible.

  • The Typical Toothache: You frequently hear that someone has a toothache, and even though this is severe pain, people seem to ignore it or address the pain rather than the underlying cause. However, a toothache can be an indication of a much more severe problem that may require emergency tooth extraction.

    Gum disease, cavities, exposed roots, a decaying or abscessed tooth, and other factors can all cause a tooth to ache. In addition, it may be challenging to determine the source of the pain; it could be caused by jaw joint diseases or chewing muscle spasms. Because a toothache can be pretty severe, don’t hesitate to see your dentist; they will take x-rays, prescribe antibiotics, perform tooth extractions (if necessary and safe), and assess the severity of the situation.

  • Damage to the Teeth: This is a more obvious emergency; if a tooth chips or breaks, few people will avoid going to the dentist. However, in some cases, people do not go to the dentist because they do not feel pain – this is a terrible thing because if this type of accident is not treated, it will only get worse. The dentist will use dentures, veneers, and crowns to repair teeth. However, veneers and crowns may be damaged; in this case, it is just as important to see the dentist.

  • Teeth that were knocked out: It occurs when someone knocks out one or two of their teeth. This is quite serious because, if not treated, it could result in long-term damage. However, dental bridges and implants are not always the only options; if the knocked-out tooth is taken to the dentist right away, it may be salvaged and saved.

  • Accidents Involving the Jaw: Because your ability to eat and breathe is directly related to your jaw, this is a severe emergency. Surprisingly, broken jaws are very common due to sports injuries, vehicle accidents, and other causes. This injury necessitates the assistance and attention of a medical professional.

What to do in a dental emergency?

At Monahan Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, dental emergencies are always a top priority. So give us a call, and we will be happy to see you as soon as possible.

If you have a tooth that has been knocked out
Rinse the tooth off with water. Do not scrub it or remove any attached tissue. If possible, put the tooth back in place in the socket and hold it there by biting down on a gauze pad. If you cannot do this, store the tooth in a glass of milk. Contact your dentist right away.

If you have a tooth that has been chipped or cracked
Rinse your mouth with warm water to clean the area. Apply a cold compress to the area to reduce swelling. Contact your dentist right away.

If you have a severe toothache
Rinse your mouth with warm water to clean it and remove any food that may be stuck. Use dental floss to remove any plaque or food that might be causing the pain. If the pain persists, take ibuprofen to help with the pain and swelling. Contact your dentist immediately so they can determine the cause of the pain and treat it accordingly.

If you have swelling
Apply a cold compress to the area to reduce swelling. Contact your dentist right away.

If you have bleeding
Apply pressure to the area with a clean gauze pad. Contact your dentist right away.

If I go to an emergency dentist, can my tooth be extracted?

In some cases, yes. Depending on the severity of your toothache and where the affected tooth is located, an emergency dentist may be able to extract it in order to provide you with immediate relief from pain and discomfort. However, extraction should only be considered as a last resort after all other treatment options have been exhausted. Your emergency dentist will likely conduct a thorough assessment of your problem in order to determine whether or not extraction is the best course of action. If it isn’t, they may suggest alternative treatments such as antibiotics and painkillers to help relieve your symptoms. Ultimately, your emergency dentist will be able to recommend the most appropriate treatment for you.

What is an emergency dental treatment?

Emergency dental treatment is a type of dental care provided to address immediate concerns related to the health and functioning of the teeth, gums, and other parts of the mouth. Examples may include broken or cracked teeth, toothache symptoms such as pain, swelling or infection, knocked-out permanent teeth and lost fillings or crowns.

These situations require fast action to prevent further damage or even permanent loss of the affected teeth. Emergency dental care providers will provide quick diagnosis and treatment to manage the issue and help restore your dental health. It is important for anyone experiencing symptoms of a dental emergency to seek immediate attention from a qualified practitioner.

How does an emergency dentist differ from a general dentist?

An emergency dentist is a dental professional specifically trained to handle urgent, often painful dental issues that require immediate attention. General dentists are qualified to treat a variety of oral health problems, but an emergency dentist has the additional experience and training to address more urgent situations like extreme tooth pain, injuries to the mouth or teeth, broken crowns or fillings, swelling, and infection. Emergency dentists are also available outside of traditional office hours, usually on weekends or holidays when general dentists may not be available. They may offer extended hours to accommodate emergency patients who need urgent care.

An emergency dentist is a dental professional who is trained to provide immediate dental care for patients who experience sudden and severe dental problems. These problems may include severe toothaches, broken or chipped teeth, knocked-out teeth, and other dental emergencies.

Unlike a general dentist, an emergency dentist typically offers 24/7 availability, including weekends and holidays, to handle urgent dental needs. Emergency dentists may also have specialized training in handling dental emergencies and may be equipped with the necessary tools and medications to provide immediate relief and treatment.

What is Emergency Dental Care?

Emergency dental care is a crucial service for those who suffer from a sudden and unexpected dental problem. Whether it’s an infection, broken tooth, or severe pain, emergency dental care can provide relief quickly and effectively. Emergency dentists are trained to respond quickly and efficiently in order to diagnose and treat any potential issues as soon as possible.

When it comes to emergency dental care, it is important to remember that prompt attention and quality care are essential for a successful outcome. It’s a good idea to have an emergency dentist on hand in case of any sudden issues that may arise. That way, you can be confident that you’ll receive the care and attention you need when it counts the most.

What is An Emergency Dental Clinic?

It is a type of clinic that provides urgent and emergency care for those with dental problems. This type of service can be of great help to people who have experienced oral trauma, such as an accident or a sports injury, or acute toothache resulting from an abscess or decay. Emergency dental clinics are usually open 24 hours a day and can provide treatment for many common dental problems, including chipped teeth, broken or dislodged fillings, and lost crowns or bridges. These clinics also offer emergency root canals and other procedures to relieve pain and restore normal dental function. Emergency dental treatment generally involves relieving the patient’s pain and providing temporary solutions until a long-term treatment plan can be formulated. In some cases, the emergency dentist may recommend a referral to a specialist for complex procedures.

Schedule an Emergency Dental Appointment

Dental emergencies in Burlington, NC, can happen at any time. Whether you’re dealing with a chipped tooth, a cracked tooth, or anything in between, it’s essential to know what to do – and who to call. The first step is always to remain calm. Then, give our office a call right away. We will work to get you in for an appointment as soon as possible. At Monahan Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we understand that dental emergencies can be stressful. That’s why we make every effort to see our patients as quickly as possible. We know that in many cases, time is of the essence. However, we also understand that a prompt diagnosis and treatment plan is often the key to a successful outcome.

Once you’re in our office, we will take the time to listen to your concerns and address your questions. We will then conduct a thorough examination and develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs. In many cases, we can provide same-day treatment for dental emergencies. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to call us. We are here to help!

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