The number of teeth that can be anchored by one implant depends on the size and shape of the jawbone and the type of implant being used. Generally speaking, a single implant can support up to three artificial teeth in a row (called a “fixed bridge”) or be used to anchor a dental prosthetic like a denture or partial plate. However, multiple implants may be used in more complicated scenarios to secure more extensive prosthetics with more than three artificial teeth.

No matter the situation, an experienced dentist will carefully evaluate your individual case and determine the best course of action for you. With proper care and maintenance, dental implants can last many years—possibly even decades—and provide an excellent foundation for restoring your smile.

Multiple Tooth Implant

Enjoying the bone-preserving benefits of dental implants in a more manageable manner and within your financial means is made possible by multiple tooth implants. It is not common for a single implant to be used to replace several teeth, but when paired with another implant, the total number of teeth that can be replaced increases to six. That means a single implant may support a maximum of three replacement teeth when used on its own.

Implants are the only type of oral prosthetic that can prevent the loss of bone tissue that results from the absence of a tooth, making them an excellent option for the replacement of missing teeth. Implants are, by far, the most expensive option for replacing a tooth that has been lost.

The price of an implant can be higher than the price of a whole set of dentures. Because of this, individuals who want to replace their missing teeth with several implants end up spending less money overall.

Replacement of missing teeth should always be a top priority, considering the numerous negative consequences of not doing so:

Bone Tissue Loss As A Result Of Lost Teeth

Jawbone atrophy, or loss of bone tissue, is a common consequence of missing teeth. When the jawbone no longer has the stimulus from a tooth’s root to keep it strong and healthy, it starts to shrink over time. Multiple tooth implants can help prevent this by creating an artificial root that encourages the stimulation necessary for preserving this valuable tissue.

Gum Disease Infection

The empty space caused by missing teeth also increases the risk of gum disease infection as bacteria build up in areas that are difficult to clean with traditional brushing and flossing techniques. Multiple tooth implants eliminate these crevices, making them much easier to clean and maintain proper oral hygiene.

Cosmetic Concerns

Finally, replacing missing teeth with implants can restore your smile to its former glory and help improve the overall look of your face. Multiple tooth implants can be designed to match the shape, size, and color of your existing teeth for a natural-looking result that blends in seamlessly with the rest of your dental work.

In short, multiple tooth implants offer excellent advantages when it comes to replacing several missing teeth. Not only do they provide a lasting solution that preserves bone tissue and helps reduce the risk of gum disease infection, but they also offer a more affordable option than other prosthetic options while still providing a beautiful cosmetic result. So speak to your dentist today about whether you could benefit from this procedure!

Full Mouth Implants

Full arch replacement is gaining popularity, and all-on-4 dental implants are gradually gaining the lead. All-on-4 implants are designed to replace an entire arch of teeth from the upper jaw or lower jaw. This procedure is ideal for individuals who need full mouth reconstruction, thanks to the non-invasive nature and accelerated healing process involved.

Full arch implant treatment requires fewer implants than multiple tooth implants—just four—which makes it much more cost-effective and allows for a quicker recovery period. The process starts when four titanium posts are surgically implanted into your jawbone in specific positions that will provide optimal support and stability for your prosthetic teeth. Once these have been put in place, replacement teeth are then attached on top of them, creating a fully functional smile restoration.

Full arch implants also help preserve bone structure by eliminating the need for more invasive procedures, like grafting or sinus lifts. This makes them an ideal solution for individuals who need full mouth restoration but are concerned about the risks and costs associated with traditional treatments.

Eat All Your Favorite Foods

Patients considering full mouth implants should be aware of the resulting dietary limitations. When you’re missing teeth or have to resort to cheap, flimsy dentures, it can be a significant inconvenience and even a source of embarrassment that you can’t enjoy the things you used to love.

The all-on-4 dental implant procedure ensures that your new teeth will be stable and fully functioning, stimulating your jaw bone as your natural teeth’s roots would. In addition, the jawbone and gum tissue is kept intact during the treatment, which aids in providing the necessary chewing power when eating more challenging meals.

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